Goodkey, Weedmark & Associates originated as the brainstorm of two extraordinary men: Gord Goodkey and Stirling Weedmark in 1956.

Gord, Stirling and an innovative structural engineer named John Adjeleian partnered to form one of only three consulting engineering firms in Ottawa at the time. The partners aligned themselves with seven architects to provide all the engineering designs for their buildings.

Adjeleian Goodkey Weedmark, as it was initially known, started their consulting careers with the Tory Building at Carleton University and then all the remaining buildings on the campus through to the early 1970s.

The start of the 1960s saw the arrival of two key individuals, George Carscallen and Bob McLean, and the branch off of John Adjeleian, who opened his own structural engineering firm.

Goodkey Weedmark and Adjeleian Alien Rubeli Ltd have continued a strong working relationship to this day. George joined the firm in 1960 and became an essential asset for the growing mechanical department. Bob joined the firm in 1964, becoming the first chief electrical engineer hired by the firm. Thus, the birth of the Goodkey Weedmark’s electrical department. This allowed the firm to accept a larger and greater variety of project types

Bob enjoyed close to 32 years with Goodkey Weedmark, as chief electrical engineer, before his retirement in December of 1996. He fondly remembers his initial trepidation as he approached his new position with an eagerness to learn. Bob was well respected by clients and contractors as an individual who knew his profession

The company has launched the careers of a number of successful consulting firms, including: Mark Clemann, Allan Large, and Gerry Patterson of Clemann Large Patterson & Associates; Dick Chiarelli of Chiarelli Engineering; and, John McAninch of Modern Niagara. Through it all, the core remained unchanged Gord, Stirling, George, and Bob maintained a strong friendship and working relationship that enabled Goodkey Weedmark to complete more than 3,000 projects up to their retirements.

Throughout the 1960’s Goodkey Weedmark specialized in educational and institutional facilities; completing over 50% of all Carleton University’s buildings including their central heating plant; as well as a number of hospitals in Ottawa and the outlying areas.

In the 1970s, the Ottawa industry’s attention focused on the Canadian Government and their high demand for office space. Thus, Goodkey Weedmark started developing strong relations with local developers such as Amon Development Corp. Ltd., Campeau Corporation, O&Y Properties Management Ltd., Glenview Corporation, Minto Development Inc. etc. and proceeded to provide innovative designs, which dealt with the energy conservation concerns of the times.

In the 1980s, the need to improve existing buildings’ energy efficiency became more important. Goodkey Weedmark quickly adapted, seeing all obstacles as an opportunity and continued to grow and develop a strong relationship with value clients.

In 1982, Marc Carriere joined the firm followed by Ross McIntyre and Andrzej Bogdanowicz in 1985. Also in 1985, George Carscallen struck an agreement with Gord and Stirling which saw the firm’s ownership successfully change hands to George. Stirling Weedmark remained with the firm as an active consultant until his retirement in 1992. Unfortunately Gord Goodkey passed away from cancer in 1986 soon after the change of ownership. George went on to spearhead the firm’s growing success, and cultivated another strong employee core, while continuing to increase the client base. During George’s years the company developed strong relationships with several high tech clients and developers and despite difficult economic slow down of early 90’s, continued to prosper thanks to George.

George developed a close working relationship with Marc Carriere, Andrzej Bogdanowicz, and Ross McIntyre and helped guide them and mentor them in the field of engineering as well as business ownership together they developed into a formidable management team.

In 1995 George passed the baton to Marc, Ross and Andre. We had about 20 employees back then; now we are at more than 80. Over the past 25 years many designers and engineers joined the firm. Some stayed, some retired, but through it all we have been fortunate to keep a core group of solid engineers who developed into associates and partners.

In the fall of 2019, the company ownership restructured, making (Frank) W.A. Bann the new director and principal of the firm; supported by the partners and associates: Robert Lefebvre, Steve Hamilton, and Eric Perusse, James Moffat and Raj Vyas (Senior Partners), and Richard Boivin, Ryan Leonard, and Mark Sarasin (Senior Associates). Andre, Marc, and Ross are active Executive Consultants in the day-to-day operations of the firm.

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