1688 Woodward Drive – Goodkey, Weedmark & Associates Tenant Fit-Up

Project Description

A 10,500 square foot tenant fit-up of an existing office facility. The new office consists of open office workstations, offices, meeting rooms, reception, IT room and printing/mailroom. The project is registered with the Canadian Green Building Council and will be submitted for LEED® Gold Certification under the LEED® Commercial Interiors product.

Sustainable features of the fit-up include:

  • Proximity of the site to public transportation and the local community, as well as the availability of bike storage and the addition of a locker room and shower facility.
  • Replacement of all plumbing fixtures with innovative, high efficiency water closets, urinals and lavatories. The facility will use 50% less water than if conventional plumbing fixtures were used.
  • Introduction of energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems such as variable volume zone control, recovery of exhaust energy to pre-treat ventilation air via an energy recovery ventilation unit, efficient T5 and LED lighting and occupancy and daylight sensors for lighting control. The facility will use 50% less energy than a similar space designed to the Model National Energy Code for Buildings.
  • Reuse of over 90% of furnishings, re-use of carpet and ceiling tile that was diverted from landfill, use of recycled content in new material and the use of certified wood.
  • Low emitting materials were used for adhesives, sealants, paints, carpets, adhesives and furniture which improved the indoor air quality as confirmed by pre-occupancy air testing. With the ERV tempering the ventilation air, the ventilation rate delivered to the space has been increased by 30% over what ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2004 prescribes as the minimum.

Project Details

  • Owner: Goodkey Weedmark & Associates Ltd.
  • Project Location:Ottawa, ON
  • Construction Completion:2008
  • Building Type:Office
  • Project Type:Tenant Fit-up
  • Construction Value:$175,000 (M&E)