255 Bay Street – The Bowery

Project Description

The building is a 19-storey, 13,500 m2 residential building including five (5) levels of below grade parking garage and 250 residential suites. Amenities included fitness room, interior pool and party room.

Mechanical systems included a central heating and heat rejection plant supplying a distributed conventional heat pump loop. The heating system utilizes high efficiency gas boilers and high efficiency gas domestic hot water heaters. The heat rejection system utilizes an open cooling tower complete with freeze protection and condenser water filtration.

Dual technology occupancy sensors are provided to control lighting in identified areas for energy savings. Electrical distribution is de-centralized for better control and maintenance. The building has a single stage fire alarm system with emergency evacuation, fire phones, supervisory, signalling and initiating devices. Natural gas generator enclosed in a weather proof enclosure located on the roof is supplying power to the emergency life safety and non life safety equipment.

Sustainable features include low flow plumbing fixtures, storm water retention, high efficiency boilers, and variable frequency drives for pumps and domestic cold water booster pumps.

Project Details

  • Owner: Richcraft
  • Project Location:Ottawa, ON
  • Construction Completion:2017
  • Building Type:Commercial/Residential
  • Project Type:New Construction
  • Construction Value:$50.0M (Total) $11.8M (M&E)