Algonquin College – Building ‘A’ Teaching Lab/Research

Project Description

Conversion of classroom space to teaching labs including; lab classrooms, prep rooms, chemical storage room, darkroom, clean room and office space, approximately 800 m2 for all labs. Mechanical systems consisted of variable air volumes fume hoods to a manifold exhaust system, variable volume on supply c/w reheat to maintain space temperature, flow monitoring on supply, hood exhaust and general exhaust to maintain lab pressurization.

Key Lessons Learned: Supply air system serving this lab area also serves regular classrooms. The lab area requires ventilation even during unoccupied periods. Installation of a motorized damper on the duct main serving the regular classrooms allowed airflow to this area to be shutdown during unoccupied periods and the supply air fan shutdown accordingly achieving additional energy savings.

Project Details

  • Owner: Algonquin College
  • Project Location:Ottawa, ON
  • Construction Completion:2014
  • Building Type:Research Lab
  • Project Type:Institutional
  • Construction Value:$1,000,000 (Total) $ 500,000 (M & E)