Emmanuel United Church

Project Description

This 1,471 m2 existing church underwent a major renovation in 2010. Existing mechanical and electrical systems, including fire protection, plumbing, utility, HVAC, humidification and building control were replaced or modified within the constraints and limitations of working within the existing building’s architecture. Care was taken to ensure limited modification of existing architecture and new systems respected the heritage nature of the building.

New multi-purpose Class ABC fire extinguishers were installed throughout the building and a range hood fire suppression system in the kitchen. The fire suppression system was wired into the fire alarm system. The new heating system has three wall mounted, high efficiency, gas-fired, condensing boilers, connected to the existing Sanctuary heating devices. The HVAC system consists of multiple indoor Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) located in service closets. Hydronic heating coils are located on discharge of ERVs to increase supply air temperature and maintain neutral temperature within each space. The kitchen has a dedicated extraction system capable of reducing air volume based on the kitchen equipment’s temperature. Building humidity levels are maintained above 20-25%RH during peak winter condition with the use of the ERV’s latent recovery capability. A new Direct Digital Control (DDC) and Building Automation System (BAS) monitor and control the new ERVs, heating plant, heating pumps and heating control valves. The air conditioning system serving the second floor CE space now has stand-alone controls. The systems were designed and working drawings prepared to reflect the value engineering proposal prepared by Direct Energy and to provide construction administration assistance to the team. Also provided was assistance with the LEED process and with the preparation of the LEED submission forms. The project ultimately received LEED certification, including for innovation in design.

Project Details

  • Owner: Emmanuel United Church
  • Project Location:Ottawa, ON
  • Construction Completion:2010
  • Building Type:Church
  • Project Type:Renovation
  • Construction Value:$750K (M&E)