Environment Canada Labs Modernization

Project Description

Multiple lab modernization projects including soil-genomics, OC/EC, ICP-MS and Acid Metal Digestion labs:

ICP-MS lab included modifications to existing lab to add an additional ICP-MS machine including new exhaust connected to fume hood exhaust system and expansion of adjacent equipment room to accommodate chiller, pumps and compressed gas required for new ICP MS machine. Existing lab controls were modified to accommodate new equipment.

OC/EC Lab:
OC/EC lab modification included the conversion of office space to lab space with new fume hoods and extractor arms connected to the existing central manifolded fume hood exhaust system. Lab ventilation controls were designed to keep the lab negatively pressurized with respect to the corridor. Air exchange rate is reduced from 6 ACH to 3 ACH during unoccupied periods.

Acid Metal Digestion Lab:
Acid metal lab was a Class 10,000 clean room lab with two (2) VAV fume hoods; one standard low velocity VAV hood connected to the central manifolded exhaust, the other standalone suitable for acid fumes c/w scrubber and CPVC dedicated exhaust. The lab ventilation controls included air sampling system to reduce outdoor air exchange rate to 3 ACH during normal operating period. The cleanliness ensured by multi-stage filtration system with a VFD controlled re-circulating fan. Cooling provided via VRV DX heat pump capable of interfacing with the future site VRV system.

Soil Genomics Lab:
Soil Genomics lab included the conversion of storage space to new lab c/w mezzanine office space. New air handler and lab exhaust fans were required including lab ventilation controls integrated with fume hood exhausts and extractor arms. A dedicated reverse osmosis system was also installed as well as soil traps at sinks.

Project Details

  • Owner: PWGSC
  • Project Location:Ottawa, ON
  • Construction Completion:2009 - 2014
  • Building Type:Research Lab
  • Project Type:Renovation
  • Construction Value:$2.5M (Total) $1.3M (M & E)