HLS Linen Services

Project Description

A 16,725 m2, 1-storey modern industrial linen services facility with a state of the art 930 m2 clean room linen area for surgical/medical accessories cleaning and sterilization. The main facility incorporated a main boiler plant which provided heating and hot water for the complete facility, soil linen receiving, sorting area, washer lines, dryer lines, ironing areas, clean linen sorting areas and shipping distribution area. Facility includes a multi-level office, meeting, cafeteria and change area. The mechanical systems included point of use spot cooling, warehouse ventilation, rooftop unit variable volume systems for offices and dedicated exhaust energy recovery systems. This project required extensive coordination and planning to accommodate specific equipment requirements and process facility equipment which impacted the base building systems and main facility electrical systems.

Project Details

  • Owner: HLS Linen Services
  • Project Location:Ottawa, ON
  • Construction Completion:March 2007
  • Building Type:Industrial / Linen Services
  • Project Type:New Construction
  • Construction Value:$27,000,000 (Total) $ 2,195,000 (M) $ 2,205,000 (E)