Sir Frederick Banting Building Central Fume Hood Exhaust Upgrade

Project Description

Environmental lab facility requiring stringent temperature, humidity and pressurization control. Multiple projects including individual lab modernizations (high hazard labs, clean rooms, cold storage rooms), as well as modernization of main mechanical infrastructure including supplementary cooling system complete with open circuit cooling tower, heat exchangers, pumps and replacement of the piping. Major fume hood exhaust system modernization project included replacement of 150 fume hood exhausts, new centralized exhaust manifold with six (6) central induced flow fans with high velocity discharge of total capacity of 180,000 cfm; five (5) fans were active and one (1) standby. All fans were equipped with VFD’s and bypass dampers to accommodate future conversion of fume hoods to VAV while maintaining high plume/discharge velocity. The individual exhaust fans were removed and replaced with air valves to accommodate future conversion of existing fume hoods to the VAV system. The project also included a deconstruction of the existing animal research facilities for the conversion of space to modernized fully flexible wet chemical lab environment.

Key Lessons Learned: We found that the fan system reached optimum energy performance when operating at approximately 70% speed; it was most economical to run five (5) fans at 70% speed rather than three (3) 100% speed; annual fan energy savings were approximately $37,000.00/year.

Project Details

  • Owner: PWGSC
  • Project Location:Ottawa, ON
  • Construction Completion:2013
  • Building Type:Research Lab
  • Project Type:Institutional
  • Construction Value:$7.0M (Total) $4.5M (M & E)