Victoria Building Fit-Up

Project Description

Base building condition report, feasibility study for base building upgrade including concept design, tenant fit-up for multiple floors including senators suites & audio-visual multimedia conference room, broadcasting room and security training room. The mechanical challenges included rerouting ductwork in confined ceiling space to optimize ceiling height, selection of grilles & diffusers to correspond to heritage nature of the space, modification to constant volume air handling system to locally controlled variable volume for optimum thermal comfort, additional ventilation unit for high density occupancy in audio-visual room. Electrical challenges included new power distribution of existing power grid to provide optimum flexibility for tenant use, lighting control for audio-visual conference room, coordination of lighting layout with other systems (ductwork, piping, structural) within confined ceiling space.

Budget Control:

Final Estimate: $150,000.00 (M&E) Final Construction Value: $168,000.00 (M&E)

Project Control:

Initial Completion: Jan. 2007 Revised Completion: Jan. 2007

Client Reference:

Address: Real Property Team – Carling Campus 3500 Carling Avenue Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0S5

Key Personnel:

Andre Bogdanowicz, P.Eng., Mechanical Engineer Mike Fontyn, P.Eng., Electrical Engineer



Health & Safety:

GWA employees followed the site health & safety program

Project Details

  • Owner: Jean Emmell, PWGSC
  • Project Location:Ottawa, Ontario
  • Construction Completion:2007
  • Building Type:Commercial/Residential
  • Project Type:New Construction
  • Construction Value:$168,000.00 (M&E)