Shaw Centre
Shaw Centre (formerly the Ottawa Convention Centre)

Name: Shaw Centre (Ottawa Convention Centre) - Redevelopment

Owner: Ontario Provincial Government

Project Location: Ottawa, ON

Construction Completion: 2011

Building Type: Public/Institutional

Project Type: Design-Build

Construction Value: $170M (Total) $ 34M (M & E)

Project Description

Major renovation and expansion of 17,800 m2 Ottawa Convention Centre (renamed Shaw Centre), including an 8,000 m2 exhibit hall, 4,000 m2 state-of-the-art meeting space meeting rooms, 2,400 m2 ball room, pre-function space, commercial kitchen, administrative office, commercial retail, storage, workshop, truck loading area. The Centre replaces the Ottawa Congress Centre, which opened in 1983 and is built on the site of the Ottawa Congress Centre building which was demolished in 2008-2009.

Mechanical scope included demolition and removal of the existing mechanical systems, and installation of new HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, utilities and controls. The HVAC system consisted of multiple indoor central VAV air handlers interconnect via a common manifold with multiple main ducts to individual occupancies; each equipped with individual VAV’s for temperature control. Ductwork distribution and controls for the 8,000 m2 exhibit hall was arranged to accommodate dedicated ventilation and air conditioning to a variety of occupancies ranging from small functions (100 people, 300 m2) to large concerts (6,000 people, 8,000 m2). The HVAC system duct distribution was equipped with control of supply and return air at high and/or low levels, adjusted by the operator to suit the function. All HVAC units serving high occupant load were equipped with CO2 demand ventilation controls and energy recovery system (enthalpy wheels) and kitchen exhaust energy recovery heat pipe loop.

The heating and cooling energy was provided from the existing district chilled water and high pressure steam. The chilled water control included sequencing to maximize the temperature differential between the supply and return water.

The plumbing system included new DCW & DHW piping to new ultra low water consumption fixtures. A storm water cistern was provided for storm effluent management and for grey water reclaim to UR’s & WC’s. New fire protection system included new fire pump, wet and dry sprinkler and standpipe systems.

Electrical scope included removal of the existing systems and installation of new transformer, switchgear, power distribution, lighting, fire alarm, IT infrastructure and security systems. A new 1 MW generator provided emergency power to life safety system and select base building equipment (heating/cooling pumps, kitchen, etc.).

The building achieved LEED gold certification. Sustainable features included exhaust energy heat recovery, high level of controllability, variable air/water flow distribution, demand control ventilation, enhanced indoor air comfort, rain water harvesting and reclaim for non-potable fixtures, ultra-low flow plumbing fixtures, high efficiency lighting c/w multi-level illumination controls.

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